Elevate your bathroom experience with the ASBW4 One-Piece Smart Bidet Toilet with Remote Control. This state-of-the-art toilet combines modern design with advanced features for unparalleled comfort and convenience. The sleek one-piece construction offers a clean, contemporary look while being easy to maintain. Equipped with a comprehensive remote control, the ASBW4 allows you to customize your bidet settings, including water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position, all at the touch of a button. Enjoy enhanced hygiene, comfort, and luxury with features like a heated seat, adjustable water spray, and a self-cleaning function. Upgrade your bathroom to a new level of sophistication and convenience with the ASBW4 Smart Bidet Toilet.

Automatic Lid Opening:

The lid opens automatically as you approach the toilet, adding convenience and reducing contact for improved hygiene.

LED Display Screen:

  • An intuitive LED display shows the current settings and status of the bidet.
  • Provides clear and easy-to-read information.

Multifunctional Cleaning:

  • Various cleaning modes, including posterior wash, feminine wash, and pulsating wash.
  • Ensures thorough and comfortable cleaning for all users.

Temperature Adjustment:

  • Adjustable water and seat temperature for personalized comfort.
  • Keeps users comfortable in all seasons.

One-Touch Knob:

  • Simple and intuitive one-touch knob for easy control of the main functions.
  • Enhances user experience with straightforward operation.

Lid Mute Slow Down:

Soft-closing lid to prevent noise and damage, ensuring a quiet and gentle close every time.




  • Model: ASBW4 One-Piece Smart Bidet Toilet
  • Type: One-Piece Bidet Toilet with Remote Control
  • Design: Modern, seamless one-piece construction


Bidet Features:


  • Water Spray: Adjustable temperature and pressure settings
  • Nozzle: Self-cleaning, adjustable position
  • Heated Seat: Adjustable temperature settings
  • Double Filtration: Enhanced water filtration for healthier cleaning


Remote Control:


  • Functionality: Controls water temperature, pressure, nozzle position, seat temperature, and more
  • Display: LCD screen with intuitive interface


Power Supply:


  • Power Supply: Requires standard 120V electrical outlet




  • Flow Rate: High-efficiency water flow
  • Flush Type: Powerful and efficient flush




  • Automatic Lid Opening: The lid opens automatically as you approach the toilet.
  • Foot-Activated Lid Opening: Foot sensor allows hands-free lid opening.
  • LED Display Screen: Shows current settings and bidet status.
  • Lid-Activated Flushing: Automatic flush when the lid is closed.
  • Smartphone App Connectivity: Control functions remotely via app.
  • Ambient Lighting: Integrated soothing light effects.
  • Intelligent Remote Control: Multifunctional, ergonomic design.
  • Multifunctional Cleaning: Various cleaning modes.
  • Temperature Adjustment: Adjustable water and seat temperature.
  • Water Pressure Adjustment: Customizable water pressure.
  • One-Touch Knob: Easy control of main functions.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Reduces electricity consumption.
  • Night Light: Built-in soft lighting for night use.
  • Flame-Retardant Material: High-quality, safety-focused construction.
  • Leakage Protection: Built-in electrical leakage protection.



  • Tank Material: Durable ceramic
  • Seat Material: High-quality ABS




  • Dimensions: 27" L x 16" W x 18.5" H




  • Certifications: Certified for performance and safety




  • Warranty: Includes one year limited warranty on parts and performance




  • Installation Kit: Includes all necessary parts for installation
  • Requirements: Standard water line and 120V power outlet


User Interface:


  • Remote Control: Features a clear, easy-to-read display with an intuitive button layout for quick access to all functions.
  • Smartphone App: Offers additional control and customization options.




  • Self-Cleaning Features: Minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe seat and exterior with a damp cloth to maintain appearance.
  • Filter Replacement: Check and replace filters (if applicable) as per manufacturer's instructions.


Additional Features:


  • Child Mode: Gentle settings specifically designed for children.
  • Massage Function: Pulsating spray for a soothing, massaging effect.
  • Eco Mode: Reduces water and energy consumptio.