AR11000 Under Sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser Tankless RO Water System


Product Details


The Aqua Tech Texas AR11000 Under Sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser Tankless RO Water System is a feature-rich solution that combines instant hot water dispensing with advanced 5-stage deep filtration through reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Key functions and features include:

  1. 5-Stage Deep Filtration:
    • The system employs a comprehensive 5-stage deep filtration process, effectively removing impurities, contaminants, and dissolved solids from the water to ensure a clean and purified water output.
  2. Adjustable Temperature Range:
    • Users can customize their hot water experience with an adjustable temperature range spanning from 104℉ to 203℉, providing flexibility for various applications.
  3. Instant Hot RO System:
    • Designed to deliver instant hot water on demand, eliminating the wait time associated with traditional water heaters and ensuring a quick and efficient hot water supply.
  4. Smart Touch Display Faucet:
    • The system features a smart touch display faucet, offering user-friendly controls for easy operation, temperature adjustment, and monitoring of the hot water dispensing process.
  5. High Filtration Capacity (1000 GPD):
    • With a high filtration capacity of 1000 gallons per day (GPD), the system efficiently purifies a significant volume of water, providing a reliable source of clean and hot water for household use.
  6. 2:1 Pure to Drain Ratio:
    • The system is designed for efficient water utilization, with a 2:1 pure to drain ratio, minimizing wastage and promoting eco-friendly operation.
  7. Multi Safety Design:
    • Incorporates multiple safety features to ensure reliable and secure operation, enhancing user confidence in the system's performance.

The Aqua Tech Texas AR11000 offers a convenient and versatile solution for households, combining instant hot water dispensing with the advanced water purification capabilities of a 5-stage deep filtration RO system. Its smart features, high filtration capacity, and efficient design make it a reliable addition to any kitchen space.