ARC5600 Commercial RO Purification Water System


Product Details:


The Aqua Tech Texas ARC5600 Commercial 5-Stage RO Purification Water System with a 10GL/20GL Storage Tank is a powerful water purification solution designed for commercial and industrial applications where high-quality, purified water is essential. Here are the key features of this system:

  1. 5-Stage Purification Process:

    • Stage 1-3: Sediment and Carbon Block Filters (20"): These filters effectively remove sediment, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other contaminants from the water, enhancing its taste, odor, and clarity.
    • Stage 4: 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane: This high-capacity membrane removes dissolved solids, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities from the water, producing pure and clean drinking water.
    • Stage 5: T-33 10" Inline Water Filter: The T-33 inline water filter further refines the water, ensuring any remaining tastes and odors are eliminated, resulting in refreshing and high-quality drinking water.
  2. 10GL/20GL Storage Tank:

    • The system includes a choice of either a 10-gallon (10GL) or 20-gallon (20GL) storage tank to store purified water. This ensures a continuous and readily available supply of clean drinking water, meeting the demands of commercial use.
  3. Built-in Pump:

    • Equipped with a built-in pump, the system maintains optimal water pressure throughout the purification process, ensuring efficient operation and consistent water flow.
  4. Pressure Display Meter:

    • A pressure display meter allows real-time monitoring of water pressure, enabling users to monitor system performance and detect any issues promptly.
  5. Digital Control Panel:

    • The system features a digital control panel for easy operation and monitoring. This panel provides intuitive controls for setting up the system, adjusting settings, and monitoring purification performance.
  6. Durable Construction:

    • Constructed with high-quality materials and components, the system is built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, ensuring durability and reliability over time.
  7. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

    • Designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, the system's user-friendly interface and modular design simplify operation and servicing, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted access to purified water.
  8. Optional Features:

    • Depending on specific requirements, the system may include additional features such as UV sterilization, mineralization cartridges, and advanced monitoring and control systems for enhanced water quality and performance.

Overall, the Aqua Tech Texas ARC5600 Commercial 5-Stage RO Purification Water System with a 10GL/20GL storage tank provides a dependable and efficient solution for businesses, restaurants, schools, and other commercial establishments in need of consistent access to high-quality, purified drinking water.