Item No. SC8136BS

Introducing the Pacific TRUSTEAM SC81, a sophisticated 30" range hood that harmonizes innovative technology with elegant design. With its advanced steam-cleaning functionality and effective filtration system, this range hood effortlessly eliminates smoke, odors, and grease from your kitchen environment. The Pacific TRUSTEAM SC81 not only ensures exceptional performance but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any contemporary kitchen with its sleek and modern design.



The TruSteam range hood is packed with innovative technology and unmatched features. At the touch of a button, TruSteam effortlessly self-cleans the hood interior by spraying high-temperature steam (130℃ / 266℉) onto the fan blades and interior housing followed by a hot water rinse. This process efficiently removes grease, germs, and odors without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing. In addition, our newly developed whisper-quiet motor increases the ventilation performance while operating at nearly inaudible levels at working speeds.



Extremely High-Temperature Auto Steam Cleaning 


High-temperature steam (130℃ / 266℉) is sprayed onto the fan blades and interior housing following by a hot water rinse. Stubborn grease particles will be washed away and drained into the grease collector. Through advanced TruSteam technology, cleanliness and improved hygiene are just a touch away.





TruSteam's unique whisper-quiet motor is paired with larger fan blades and a high-capacity housing design to provide unprecedented ventilation. Backed by cutting-edge research, the TruSteam is the most powerful range hood available in the US (along with our Auto Clean model) with a CFM of 900+. That makes TruSteam especially suitable for high-fume, oil-based cooking, as is common with Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian, and other popular cuisines.



Our revolutionary motor, invented by Pacific, is the quietest in the industry. The 3 different speed settings include one aptly named "extremely silent.” Even at higher speeds, the TruSteam range hood operates at nearly inaudible levels.


The advanced centrifugal blower funnels smoke to the outside while depositing grease in the leak-proof residue cup. This filter-less design prevents grease build-up and reduces fire hazards.


Delay the shutoff after cooking to eliminate any remaining steam, smoke, and cooking odors before it shuts off automatically.

High-Capacity Stainless Steel Housing 
Adopt a sleek and modern style with a 304 stainless range hood.

2 Dual-Level LED Light Strips
Looking for a range hood with LED lights? With TruStream, choose between bright and dim modes to find your preferred setting. Our light strips are both full and warm, with a wider area of illumination.

Responsive Touch Control
Highly sensitive metal touch control display with easy-to-use push buttons. 



  • Use distilled water only for the self-cleaning function.
  • Avoid tap water, as the minerals are damaging.
  • When the water level is low, the steam clean button will blink.
  • Add 1 jar each time to avoid overfilling your hood.
  • If you cook daily, we suggest steam cleaning 2x a week.
  • After each cleaning, pour out the water in the cup.







No. SC8136BS

Series: TruSteam

Install Type: Under Cabinet

Color: Stainless Steel

Size : 36 IN

Measurement: 36" x 22" x 7"

Max. CFM: 900

Speed Level: 3

Filter: Filter-Less

Control Type: Metal Touch Control

Damper: Yes

Net Weight: 40.7

Gross Weight: 43.34


Top Venting: 6" or 7" Round

Rear Venting: N/A

Lighting: 5W LED

Light Level: 2

Max. Voltage: 120V-60Hz

Max. Consumption Power: 10A/1200W

Motor Warranty: Lifetime

Parts Warranty: 10 Years

Certification: UL Listed

Region/Country of Origin: Taiwan